Which VR Headset Is Winning The Virtual Reality Race


The Durovis Dive Headset

Aimed at next gen gaming for smartphones, the Durovis Dive comes to gamers from the Muenster-based start-up, Shoogee. Opened to the public in May of 2013, the Dive is quickly turning phones into much more than fancy handheld gaming devices and is giving new meaning to the term virtual reality.

What is the Durovis Dive?

In its most basic form, the Dive is a hands-free smartphone holder that then straps to your face like a pair of goggles. It is made of flexible nylon, designed to be lightweight and is comfortable. Because it merely requires a smartphone, it is affordable, costing only $57 for US customers.

How Does the Durovis Dive Work?

To use, simply insert the smartphone, choose the application you want to use and then adjust the lenses for the best focus. These lenses allow short-sighted individuals with over 9 diopters to enjoy the experience. It is built to provide users with an opening at the bottom to keep visual orientation grounded and prevent nausea entirely. The tracking technology displays low-latency quality picture to add to its immersive experience. One of the best features is its compatibility with most smartphones so long as they have a gyroscope, accelerometer, and display no larger than 5 inches. The website even comes with a useful table that tells you immediately if your phone would work with the product.

At the moment, there is an impressive selection of games available that can be enjoyed with or without the use of a controller. From a list of horror games to roller-coaster simulators and racing games, most genres are covered in their most basic sense with the most basic graphics. There are even movie theater apps that allow for the display of movies on a head mounted display. While this can seem to limit to gamers, it shows promise that as the technology develops, so too will the applications. Also, creator Stefan Welker has allowed open source access to all developers as a means to grow the product as a community. This means you should expect to see the apps available grow exponentially as developers figure out how to build for such a device.

Unfortunately, the biggest downfall is its limited battery capabilities. The product certainly has enough power for one 3-D movie, but extensive gaming sessions are impossible as the charge lasts only two to four hours. Though it is no Oculus Rift, it is a step in the right direction.

But the fact that I find worrying myself is the repercussions that these types of systems may have to the world. It may disconnect the human race from the real world; people will have better lives in the virtual reality headset world then they would be in real life. It may become an addiction whereas people will want to stay plugged in all day so that they can escape the stresses and strains of the real world. They may forget to eat, drink and sleep and overall it may turn out to be a horrible fate.

A great idea that would need to have more thought placed into it, the games world is changing both offline and online, and we should do our best to keep up with it all.

Reviewing The Top Playhouses Of 2016

Reviews 2016

Playhouses in 2016 are far more advanced than ever before. Those times when you placed in an empty box with a hole cut on the side are gone. Kids today can play in huge homes, mansions and playhouses that look exactly like a real home but smaller.

But as a parent, you need to be careful which playhouse you choose for your kid. They’ll spend a lot of time there playing so it has to be very safe and good quality. You don’t want the walls of the playhouse fall on your kid and his or her friends when they’re playing inside. Make sure to choose a fun and safe playhouse.

It’s also very important to make sure that you have a playhouse designed to use outside of you want to set it up in the backyard or in the garden. Outside playhouses are built from special material that protects the house from rain and also from insects. Here are some of the best Playhouseguru in 2016.

What are the best playhouses in 2016?

Number One: Sara’s Victorian Mansion

Sara’s Victorian Mansion is a high-end playhouse made by Little Cottage Company. It has great quality siding and even the windows are working. It’s made of wood and perfect for outdoor use at it has an insect screen as well.

Its wooden floors make it even more real home looking and safe from insects. If you want to buy your kid a perfect Victorian Mansion playhouse for a bit more than eight thousand dollars, it might be the best option for you.

Number Two: Outdoor Living Today Cozy Cabin

This Cozy Cabin is one of the 5-star rated playhouses in 2016. It’s a premium quality house and it costs almost three thousand dollars. It’s very easy to set up as it doesn’t require any cutting like some other playhouses do.

Your kids might use this cabin up to 14 years in perfect conditions. Its siding’s made of natural elements like western red cedar wood making the house environment-friendly.

Number Three: Rowlinson Swiss Cottage Playhouse

Rowlinson Swiss Cottage Playhouse is another great quality and premium playhouse. Kids love upstairs platforms in playhouses and this two-thousand-dollar Swiss cottage playhouse has an awesome upstairs platform.

It’s made of Norway Spruce and roofed with mineral roofing felt. It’s designed for outside use for kids. If you want to give the experience of living in a cottage to your kid, consider buying this playhouse.

From Sara’s Victorian Mansion to Rowlinson Swiss Cottage Playhouse – we’ve listed some of the most awesome and fun playhouse reviews of 2016.

There’s a huge amount of great playhouses you can choose from and they’re all very advanced. Remember to watch out for safety and quality of the materials used to build the playhouse. You can always check the materials the playhouse contains. The best would be some natural ingredient like wood.

Also, you might want to check what it takes to set up these playhouses as most of them are DIY and require some time and skills to set them up. Setting up the house with your kids can also be great fun or consider asking an expert to help you if the job seems more complex.

Basic Tips For Training Your Cat Properly


You can train your cat to respond to gestures and refrain from bad behavior. Some will even come running out of their hiding or from their sleep. You can talk to your cat and get them to do what you want. The training requires some basic tips. Basic training helps in building communication between you and your cat. Teaching your cat to change their behavior ensures a happy and healthy relationship, says trainedcat.com. Cats learn with experience just like sticking their nose on a candle. When something is unpleasant they stop doing it. On the other hand, when it is pleasant, they will do it repeatedly. In contrary to a common belief, any cat can be trained. This will transform your cat into a more pleasant household member.

Litter Box

Teaching your cat to use a litter box is easy since cats are clean by nature. Place the cat and the litter box in a confined area. Provide food and clean water during the confinement. Initially, it may not use the box. Place the waste back in the box. This encourages the cat to use the box. Ensure the litter box is located in a secure place. Clean the box to eliminate smells that might irritate your cat. Your floor, closet and shoes will be safe once your cat starts using the litter box.

Destructive Behavior

The clawing behavior is an instinctive behavior. Look for something else in place of furniture or speakers. You can train you cat to claw acceptable objects like scratching posts. Never hit your cat during training. This will enable your cat to trust your more. Use alternative objects as a positive reinforcement. Reward when it scratches the scratching poles. The furniture will become unattractive to scratch. The cat will stop clawing your furniture with time while looking for rewards. Sometimes this behavior is associated with boredom. Improve the relationship by being more fun, playful and rewarding. Make sure you have daily playing sessions to help your cat in cooling down.


You cat can bite or scratch when your try to play. Ty to startle it with loud noise. You can clap your hand or make a hissing sound. Walk away to show that you’re disappointed. Do this repeatedly whenever the cat plays rough. This will teach your cat about poor playful behaviors. This will stop the cat form playing too rough. You can also discipline the cat by putting their nose on the litter box. This will discourage the cat from attacking you or other people. This guarantees a well-behaved cat

Confine your cat with a clean box periodically. This will help in improving hygiene. Keep your cat occupied and make signs of depreciation. This will enable the cat to be less aggressive. Use rewards to encourage good behavior. You can also read articles on how to train a cat to do exceptional tricks. For instance], you train your cat to jump through a loop. The secret is setting up your cat to succeed. Use rewards and praises for positive reinforcement. Avoid hitting your cat to gain more trust. Start with these basic tips and proceed into more advanced tricks. Make sure what the cat is doing is pleasurable and rewarding.

How To Maintain Your Weed Eater

weed eater

Weed eaters are trimming instruments used for landscaping and maintaining your beautiful lawns. Eaters reach where mowers cannot reach. They are great for even trimming your grass, plants, bushes, etc. A weed eater is an amazing tool that is available in the market in both gas and electric variety of eaters. You will be surprised with their fine looks, great performance and superb reviews given by satisfied customers.

One of the great time saving devices for trimming a lawn is a weed eater, such as those available at eatingweedz.com. A weed whacker can mow down a large patch of weeds and grass in a short time, leaving you with more time to do more productive things. Weed eaters all basically have the same design but they do come in different sizes and power ranges.

Power ranges

You will also see a variety of power sources for different weed eaters, from the old traditional electric weed eater that uses an extension cord to the more powerful gas powered models and now days you can also buy battery powered models that set you free from extension cord hell.

The size of the yard

When it comes to purchasing a new weed eater it depends on how big your yard is, how many weeds and edge trimming you need to do and how much you want to spend. You don’t want one that’s too small and can’t handle the job but if you have a small yard you probably don’t need a gas powered behemoth either. You do want to make sure the weed eater you choose has the power to do the job you want.

Weeds can be extremely stubborn and you want a weed whacker that easily powers through the thickest of weed stems. When choosing a weed eater you want to get the most power for the amount of money you have to spend.

Purchasing power

When it comes choosing a new weed eater price is of course going to be the deciding factor as to which brand and model you ultimately purchase. If you have plenty of money then the choices you have are unlimited. Of course if price is no factor for someone they probably have someone else taking care of the lawn. Be realistic about what you can afford and get the most weed whacking power for your buck.

The final consideration before you plop down your hard earned cash for the best weed eaters is the size of your new weed eater. Most home improvement stores have demo models on display. Try them all on for size. You don’t want one that’s too heavy or awkward to use. Try to find a model that’s adjustable as that will give you the best fit and comfort level. If you’re going to be spending the better part of the day whacking weeds you want to be as comfortable as possible.

Weed eaters use different energy sources to function. There are basically three types of eaters. These are the gas eaters, battery operated eaters or the ones that run on electricity. Apart from this eaters vary in brands, price ranges, motor power and sizes that you can look in the market. Normally for regular grass cutting a gas eater works well. They are very powerful and can get around all areas.

Weigh all three factors equally and when you make your purchase you will have a weed eater that is the perfect size with the right amount of power for the right price.

Why Is The Hello Kitty Sewing Machine So Popular



The Hello Kitty sewing machines are getting more and more popular these days. A lot of parents encourage their children to sew and choosing the perfect machine can be confusing. You don’t really have to spend hundreds of dollars but you don’t have to buy the cheapest either. You want your child to learn and you want something that would enhance her creativity. This is wonderful because as early as 6 years old, a child learns the value of completing a project not to mention the sense of fulfillment she gets. Children’s minds are like a sponge, they absorb everything so don’t be surprised if your daughter learns how to sew faster than you did. Its also very popular amongst children of this age & most kids want to be a part of the  Sewing Machine Club.

Singer 6038 is a great kids sewing machine. It has a traditional styling that is built to provide high-quality masterpieces. With this machine, your daughter can have a trouble-free sewing experience whether she’s a beginner or she’s ready to replace her toy machine for sewing. It comes with adjustable stitch length (up to 4mm), automatic needle threader, top drop-in bobbin and free arm. The machine is lightweight with built-in carrying handle. This is not only for kids but for everyone as well.

The Brother LS21251 is also a popular kids sewing machine that has 10 built-in stitches, automatic 4-step buttonholer, free-arm capability, automatic bobbin winder, reverse sewing lever, snap-on presser feet, foot control, screwdriver, bobbins, needles, extra spool pin, darning plate and 25-year limited warranty. It received a lot of great reviews from parents and kids alike because of the convenience it offers. It surely is worth every penny.If your daughter is still too young for heavy-duty sewing machines then maybe you can consider the Hello Kitty Chain Stitch sewing machine. It’s great for children who want to learn how to sew. The machine is not complicated at all so your little one can learn in no time. A protective cover is around the needle for protection while sewing. There are some more sewing machines which can also be considered & can be read about at  http://sewingmachineclub.com/hello-kitty-sewing-machine-reviews-add-excitement-while-honing-your-craft/

Kids sewing machines are a great introduction to creative crafting. There’s no better way to get a child interested in sewing than to give her a children’s machine of her very own.Most machines that are sold specifically for children are more toy than tool, which can make discovering sewing pure fun. Colorful, lightweight, and often associated with favorite characters like Barbie and Hello Kitty, these super-simplified machines fascinate children. While youngsters are having fun they’re developing both creativity and coordination and laying the foundation for a lifetime skill.

Early-learner or toy machines are kid-friendly in more than looks. They’re specially sized for children and developed with both safety and ease of operation in mind. They come in both battery and AC powered versions, and many have dual power options. Most models include drop-in bobbins for ease of use and the best also have finger guards, a special safety feature that keeps little fingers away from the needle.

Children’s sewing machines aren’t the same as mini machines, which are scaled-down versions of standard machines. Mini or compact machines more powerful and have greater speed and capability than those made just for kids, which makes them a good choice for youngsters 12 and over.

Factors to consider when buying kids sewing machines:


Generally speaking, even toy machines are best for children at least eight years of age. Though most brands of children’s machines are designed and manufactured with safety in mind, younger children may lack the necessary coordination for safe use.


Will this be the child’s first exposure to sewing? If so, the simpler, more basic, and more geared to learning, the better. Many child’s machines are sold with kits that include instructions for simple projects along with everything necessary to complete them.

Type of projects

Some children’s machines produce only a chain stitch, which is easily pulled out. This is fine for “pure practice” sewing, but may not be satisfactory for projects that involve actual construction or are intended to be permanent.

Adult supervision and assistance required

Machines made specifically for children feature super-simple operation and many have special safety features, but children will need some instruction and supervision. An adult should be close at hand when children are using the machines, especially at first.

Which Is The Best Air Cleaner For You?


A home air cleaner will help remove all of those possibly harmful particles that are floating around in the air. There are dozens of things that can exert airborne particles and have lasting effects on your walls and furniture that you can not see. Locating or removing the source of the airborne particles may not be possible, which is when an air cleaner becomes your best friend. For more information on how an air cleaner can help, do visit Allgreatapplicances.

Let us not even mention the fact that dust will build up on surfaces like dresser counter tops and so on. This makes your home unlivable to anyone suffering from asthma or any other respiratory problem. Your best solution lies in the purchase of a Home Air Cleaner and in this article we list some of the things which you should consider first before getting it.


The first thing that you will need to consider, especially these days, is the price. Prices do tend to vary. Single units that purify the air in one room can cost anywhere from $160.00 to $1,000.00. Primarily what will affect the cost are the filter setup and the quality of the mechanics. Be very careful in using price as the determining factor as it is all too possible to pick a unit that is cheap, but of low quality. It is extremely important to pay attention to your family’s needs when choosing a home air cleaner. Additionally there are cleaners that will purify the air in the entire home, but these are quite costly.

Effectiveness in purification

Secondly, when searching for a home air cleaner you will need to determine its effectiveness in purifying your home. The most effective home air cleaners will have either have a Ultra Low Prevention Air (ULPA) filter or a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. When you start to look at filters, it is important to look at something called Cubic Feet per Minute (CPM). High-end cleaners will filter the air at about 100 CPM per 250 square feet. A room-filtering model will be able to manage around 400 CPM, which equals out to 1000 square feet of space.

Noise level

Another thing to consider is the level of noise associated with the system. Since you are purchasing a home air cleaner you will have to take this into account. You will want your unit to be as quiet and efficient as possible. For example portable units will need a fan to be more efficient; as without one they can not effectively filter the air in a room. Portable units without fans will be less effective.

An air purifier will reduce the contaminates that you have to breath in at your home and the end result is that you will feel better.
In conclusion there are many types and brands of home air cleaner out there. However, which one you buy should not come down to brand name. You should  learn more about the price alongside the filtration power and how quiet the system is. Remember that the family should be the deciding factor as well so make sure that you pay attention to their needs when choosing your air cleaner.

How Epilators Work To Prevent Ingrown Hair

How Epilators Work


When people talk about the Laser Hair Removal, they are referring to two different types of hair removal technology that employ heat generated by light. There are the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) epilators (technically not lasers but xenon flash lamps), and there are the actual diode type lasers. Both styles are often referred to as “Laser Hair removers” and work exactly alike by applying a high-intensity flash of light to the treatment area that heats the hair follicle. This continued reapplication of heat to the follicle eventually leads to inhibition of the follicle resulting in permanent hair removal. For more info log onto best epilator.


Since the mid 1970’s, laser hair removal has been available to the public. But with new technology, the units have become small enough to be available for home use. These home laser hair removers are considered safe and effective for permanent hair removal. They have the same high success rate at hair removal as the large units of the past.


Today, however laser hair removal has become an accepted method of hair removal and people are choosing it as a lasting way. Salons and clinics all over the world are offering the laser hair removal treatment, and now there are even smaller tools, which can be used at home.


The fundamental principle associated with laser hair removal is SPTL or selective photothermolysis. In this method, a specific wavelength of light and pulse are combined for a pre-determined period. Laser light targets a particular chromophore, which in this case is the melanin pigment present in the hair follicles. When directed at a particular area, it thus affects only the hair follicles, with minimal effect on the surrounding skin.


Melanin is present in all human being. However, the composition varies from person to person, which is why the skin and hair colour of every individual is different. Since the absorption process of photons is different, mostly, only black or brown coloured hair gets removed easily. This is why laser hair removal works best with coarse hair and light skin, which has dark hair. However, these days, newer machines are able to work well with dark skin and dark hair too.


While laser treatment might promise permanent hair reduction, there is always the chance of hair growing back over a longer period. However, this is certainly a good option for anyone who wants a fast and painless removal of hair for at least a few months or more. Given that the process has been approved by most authorities, the treatment is being used all over the world, with positive results.

Several applications are required to remove the hair permanently. How many treatments will depend on the individual user and the type of remover used. Many users see results in as few as three treatments and no hair growth after as few as five treatments. Again, these are very individualized results according to skin tone and hair color. The applications are separated by about 3 to 6 weeks depending on each users response. Users report little to no discomfort with usual side effects including itching, redness and swelling. to read more click on how to prevent ingrown hairs.

What To Know Before Buying A Neat Scanner

neat scanners range

Before the emergence of digital cameras, the only way you could get your slides or printed photos onto your computer’s hard drive for sharing, archiving, or editing was by using a scanner. However, digital which could do the same thing were developed, making scanners to become less popular.

However, scanners have remained popular to date by evolving with the times. You can now find any kind of scanner on the market at scanningthings, including scanners for preserving sets of snapshots, stacks of receipts, or for any other purpose.

The type of scanners that are on the market today are highly specialized. This means if you want to buy a scanner, you need to be sure of what you want to use it for. If you need a Neat scanner in order to have a paperless office, a document scanner is the best option for you.

What to know before buying a Neat Scanner

A Neat scanner is a device that is designed for the purpose of helping you remove piles of paper from your desk by putting their content onto your computer’s hard disk. Even though a flatbed scanner can perform the same task, they are much slower than Neat scanners. This is because Neat scanners are specially designed to complete the task faster and more accurately. Here below are some of the important features to look for when you want to buy a Neat scanner:


Neat scanners do not need a very high resolution; 300 dpi is enough for scanning texts and numbers in a way that can be recognized by the software of the scanner, thus turning them into editable text for your documents and spreadsheets.


The best Neat scanner should have the ability to scan both sides of a page simultaneously. In addition, it should have the ability to delete blank pages when scanning a single-sided sheet. A good duplexing Neat scanner should also cut scan times by more than half.

-Automatic feeder

A Neat scanner with an automatic document feeder is the most ideal if you want to use it to scan stacks of receipts, multiple-page documents, or household bills. Without an automatic feeder, you will have to load each sheet individually, which is a tedious and time consuming exercise.


You can now find Neat scanners that connect to your PC via network connections. However, if you want to buy a scanner that is meant to be shared by several PCs in a small office, you need to buy one that has wireless or Ethernet network capabilities. This will help free up space on your desk because you will place the scanner in a convenient spot within the office.


If you need a portable scanner, you can get one that is small enough to fit in a brief case or backpack, and which can draw power from run off built-in batteries or your PCs USB port. Most of these scanners also come with such features as on-board memory and removable camera cards that you can use to scan your documents directly so read the review carefully. However, they don’t have an automatic document feeder, meaning that they are not suitable for office use.

-It should incorporate cloud services & OCR

The latest models of Neat scanners incorporate cloud services. This means that they can send files to Google Drive, Drop Box, Evernote, among others.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a software that is used to translate an image file into text that is editable. It allows you to edit, search, and manipulate the numbers and texts on all the sheets in your preferred office application.

These are some of the factors that you need consider before buying a neat scanner.

The Marcy Exercise Bike Reviewed

marcy review

With the increasing lifestyle diseases and the desire to stay toned among a large number of the population, there has been an increasing interest in exercising for health and beauty reasons. Be it at home or in the gym, most people who take up exercising usually cite the difficulty of finding an appropriate training equipment as the biggest hurdle to reaching their training goals. Fortunately, when you purchase Marcy Exercise Bike from www.exercisebikejudge.com, all these complaints are sorted.

Marcy Exercise Bike Reviewed

Marcy exercise bike is a unique exercise equipment that is suitable for commercial and home training exercises. The parts and features of this equipment are superbly designed to guarantee you comfort, durability and above all fun when burning your calories. To begin with the durable and powder coated finish guarantees it a long lasting usage. For this reason, you won’t have to worry about the frequent replacement of the bike seats. Also, the seats are adjustable to accommodate absolutely all body sizes. Marcy exercise bikes caters for the exercise needs of everyone, short or tall, fat or slim.

Plan and track

What’s more with this bike, you can actually plan and track your exercise regime. The exercise bike is equipped with a large console display to track calories burned, distance, time and speed. As such, you can effectively evaluate your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your training program to reach your goal. The beauty of any exercise is resistance variation. Marcy exercise bike is designed with an 8-step preset resistance level and easily adjusted tension tightening knob. By varying the resistance levels, you can cycle the bicycle up to your desired exhaustion level.


According to a marcy exercise bike review, as you work out, you are guaranteed maximum comfort by the over-sized seat pads and handles. Further to that, the bike’s transport wheels provide a convenient way for you to cycle from room to room. This provision overcomes the boredom of exercising in a solitary place for a long period of time, which can be quite demotivating. All through your training duration, you are guaranteed a silent operation. So, if you love training along soft silent music tracks in the background, you can be sure to enjoy your training session all through without any interference.

Some few notable complaints that have been reported with Marcy Exercise Bike is in regards to the ‘uncomfortable seats’ and that it shakes a bit when cycling. The discomfort felt when cycling is usually a common phenomenon for all new cyclist. The Bike’s seat is quite soft and flexible for adjusting to any position. So, with a few weeks of cycling, the discomfort will usually go away. Regarding, the wobble effect when cycling, the bike is designed with adjustable rear end stabilizer caps that when properly set will even this out.

To cap it all, Marcy Exercise Bike provides for the most conducive indoor exercises away from the extremities of the weather, during winter and in summer. To enjoy the beauty of exercising with the machine, simply make your order online and the shipping is free. Also, the assembly is quite straight forward.

How Revitol Phytoceramides Give You A Natural Facelift

phytoceramides reviews

Beauty they say is skin deep but I say look after your skin for a younger skin in your old age. Despite the fact aging is unavoidable, looking young is every woman’s dream. In the cosmetic market there are very many options one can take to ensure their skin does not change with old age. Some methods however are painful and expensive with some having serious life threatening side effects. With Revitol Phytoceramides, it gives one a facelift naturally hence looking young is no sweat at all. Revitol Phytoceramides are administered orally and also come with a cream to apply on one’s skin. For more information click on phytoceramides reviews.

Here is How Revitol Phytoceramides Give You A Natural Facelift.

Reduces wrinkles and enhances firmness

Revitol Phytoceramides have Mathxyl 3000 which causes fibroblasts to produce more collagen and other connective tissues, which cause a reduction in the size of wrinkles; the skin lift also becomes pronounced and overall reduction in the sagging of the skin…

Enhances repair of the skin

Co enzymeQ10 enhances repairing of the DNA of the skin but it is depleted as one’s age progresses. The benefits from this co enzyme are enhanced when it works with the alpha lipoic acid and other vitamins like C, E and A found in Revitol. More to that, vitamin A and E are also antioxidants which repair the cells that are damaged hence eliminating fine lines and dryness

Trapping of moisture.

Ceramide-2 is found in the fatty layer of skin and is responsible for trapping moisture which also reduces the older one becomes. In the creams available in the market, it can only be found in the most expensive ones. In Revitol Ceramide-2 is added in enough quantities to enhance softness, resilience, suppleness and even youthfulness. Hyaluronic acid also found in Revitol enhances firmness of the skin by making the skin cells moisturized and also ensures collagen is produced

Counters aging brought about by stress

Beta Glucan, is among the immune boosters, it works by improving the immunity of the skin and also by preventing the damaging effects brought by emotional stress. It also eliminates debris that ends up making the skin discolored, drab and dull. Aging is also accelerated by the fact that estrogen is being produced by the body. Gelatin found in Revitol produces anti-estrogen effects hence slowing down aging.

Preservation of the skin. This is enhanced by Phytoceramides complex like wheat and rice bran. These provide a protective layer to the skin hence preserving it.

Since it is made from purely natural ingredients, Revitol has no side affect. It is also important to note that to bring better results within a short time one has to couple these supplements with general good skin care habits. Some of these habits include: drinking lots of water to ensure one is properly hydrated, applying sunscreen when one is going to be exposed to the sun, moisturizing one’s face is also necessary and not forgetting to exfoliate one’s skin and developing healthy eating habits.

Forget the other ways of looking young and try the Revitol Phytoceramides! For details click on revitol phytoceramides reviews.