Build Your Ab Muscles Men

Improve your abs


Abs have always been a stubborn area when it comes to working out. Your core muscles are essential to most daily activities and there are a number of advantages of maintaining strong abs, besides boasting about how good they look. Strong abs increase flexibility, boost agility, and also decrease back pain. Visit if you are interested to learn more about this subject.

Unfortunately those standard sit ups and crunches just aren’t enough to get those well sculpted abs that you’ve been striving for. However, there are a number of other exercises you can add to your workout routine that are sure to build your ab muscles men.

Floor Crunches

A simple increase to standard floor crunches would be the bicycle crunch, which additionally targets the lower abs and the obliques that normal crunches don’t. It is pretty simple to do, starting with your hands behind your head and your legs raised and bent. You alternate sides as you do this crunch by bringing your left elbow towards your right knee and then your right elbow towards your left knee.


Another similar alternative is the cross-crunch. You start by laying down with your arms and legs stretched out. Keeping your arms and legs straight, alternate sides just like with the bicycle crunch. Bring your left hand towards your right foot and then your right hand towards your left foot. You will be lifting your neck and shoulders off of the ground as you do this.

Leg Raises

Next, there are leg raises. This is another a simple exercise that you can do from the ground position. Start with your hands placed under your tailbone, palms to the floor, and your head and neck raised a few inches off of the ground. Then raise your legs straight up while keeping your heels together and slowly lower them back down.


The most hardcore exercise for your abs, is planking. They are typical ab workouts for men. While it may seem relatively inactive, it is actually one of the exercises that works your chest, back, and glutes in addition to your abs. There are also a number of variations of planking exercises.

To begin with a basic plank, you lie on the floor on your stomach. Then you will position your feet so that your toes are touching the floor and move your hands up towards your head so that your forearms stay on the floor. Next, you will slowly lift yourself up supporting your weight on your toes and forearms and hold for a few seconds before lowering yourself back down.

There are many variations to the plank exercise. Some of these alternate planking methods include side planking, raised leg planking, and full planking which is similar to a push up position. However these are just a few planking methods. There are endless variations.

All of these exercises are great for your abs, but there are countless more out there. These are simply a few easy exercises that you can do to get started even if you can’t make it to the gym. A strong core is just a few easy exercises away, so it’s time to start to build your ab muscles men.

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