Easy Ways To Wash Your Windows

Are you looking for ways to wash windows like a pro? Worry no more as I am going to give you easy ways to wash your windows that will leave them sparkling clean.

The following are step by step ways to wash your window.

1. Gather all your tools and make sure you have everything necessary at your hands.
2. Remove sliding windows by lifting and pulling them into the room.
3. Fill your bucket with warm water and add any detergent that you would prefer.
4. Remove windscreen and rub them gently with a rag.
5. Remove cobwebs.
6. Start cleaning your windows with a soaked sponge or a squeegee.
7. Dry the windows with a clean towel.

Tools to be used.

There are different tools that you can use to wash your windows like sponge and squeegee. Squeegees are easy to use and to master too. Use a high quality squeegee that has a metal frame and a replaceable rubber blade. The squeegee rubber needs to be replaced often so that you can do a good job with it and make sure that it doesn’t leave streaks.

How to use a squeegee when washing your windows.

1. Dip the squeegee in a solution of warm water that is mixed with detergent of your choice and squeeze excess water from the scrubber. For greater results, sweep the squeegee back and forth in a repeated motion as this is the best method and very fast. When storing the squeegee, make sure the rubber blade does not touch anything.
2. Scrub all the angles and make sure to cover inches of the glass.
3. A well tipped squeegee will enable you to make sure that only the corner of the squeegee gets into contact with the glass.
4. Wipe your squeegee with a clean towel to remove dirt or excess water.
5. When removing the old blade of your squeegee, grab the end of the blade and stretch it out. It is advisable to change your blade if it’s worn out or sliced. It is suitable when cleaning indoor and outdoor window.

When washing windows that have dried paints or sticky labels it is advisable you use the razor blade solution as removing this with just soap and water could be hard. Wet the window first and always us a new blade to avoid scratches and push the blade across the window only once.

Another method is by using scrubber which serves the main purpose as a sponge. Always start washing your window from the top as this will help you not to repeat the work done.

When washing your windows pick a day that is cloudy and avoid windy or sunny days that can make the windows to dry quickly before you squeegee them leaving some streaks behind. If you are washing windows that are a bit high, make sure you use a ladder and that someone is around you in case you need any help.

Also choose your tools so that you get the best outcome. Once you know the above easy ways to wash your windows, you can get your windows clean in very few minutes.

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