How Epilators Work To Prevent Ingrown Hair

How Epilators Work


When people talk about the Laser Hair Removal, they are referring to two different types of hair removal technology that employ heat generated by light. There are the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) epilators (technically not lasers but xenon flash lamps), and there are the actual diode type lasers. Both styles are often referred to as “Laser Hair removers” and work exactly alike by applying a high-intensity flash of light to the treatment area that heats the hair follicle. This continued reapplication of heat to the follicle eventually leads to inhibition of the follicle resulting in permanent hair removal. For more info log onto¬†best epilator.


Since the mid 1970’s, laser hair removal has been available to the public. But with new technology, the units have become small enough to be available for home use. These home laser hair removers are considered safe and effective for permanent hair removal. They have the same high success rate at hair removal as the large units of the past.


Today, however laser hair removal has become an accepted method of hair removal and people are choosing it as a lasting way. Salons and clinics all over the world are offering the laser hair removal treatment, and now there are even smaller tools, which can be used at home.


The fundamental principle associated with laser hair removal is SPTL or selective photothermolysis. In this method, a specific wavelength of light and pulse are combined for a pre-determined period. Laser light targets a particular chromophore, which in this case is the melanin pigment present in the hair follicles. When directed at a particular area, it thus affects only the hair follicles, with minimal effect on the surrounding skin.


Melanin is present in all human being. However, the composition varies from person to person, which is why the skin and hair colour of every individual is different. Since the absorption process of photons is different, mostly, only black or brown coloured hair gets removed easily. This is why laser hair removal works best with coarse hair and light skin, which has dark hair. However, these days, newer machines are able to work well with dark skin and dark hair too.


While laser treatment might promise permanent hair reduction, there is always the chance of hair growing back over a longer period. However, this is certainly a good option for anyone who wants a fast and painless removal of hair for at least a few months or more. Given that the process has been approved by most authorities, the treatment is being used all over the world, with positive results.

Several applications are required to remove the hair permanently. How many treatments will depend on the individual user and the type of remover used. Many users see results in as few as three treatments and no hair growth after as few as five treatments. Again, these are very individualized results according to skin tone and hair color. The applications are separated by about 3 to 6 weeks depending on each users response. Users report little to no discomfort with usual side effects including itching, redness and swelling. to read more click on how to prevent ingrown hairs.