What Gear To Pack On A Camping and Hunting Trip

Camping gear

Are you an adventurous person looking for some fun? Or are you more into enjoyment and related stuff that can keep you engaged all the time? Are you preparing to go on a hike or hunting so that you may have a healthy holiday? Then probably its time to start packing the stuff before it’s too late or you make a wrong entry into the checklist. You need to check http://trailhuntingstuff.com for what gear to pack on a camping trip.

The selection of the proper inventory for the adventure ride is necessary in order to keep yourself engaged. This may include shelter, clothing. Cooking, bedding, personal items, first aid items and may more. But wait a second! Did you missed the main item? Yes you did. The most important of all is the camera that is the best partner on the ride and wherever you go.

What is a hunting/trail camera?

A hunting camera is a camera that is used on the extra special occasions for extra special purpose. They may be used at the place where man cannot physically reach. They may be used where is a limited light and the picture needs to be taken from different angles. There are many aspects that need to be checked before buying a trail camera and some of them are as followed:

Flash option

If you going on a hike that will take time and the chances of sun coming down is high, then you need to check the flash options of the camera. The flash can be LED light or incandescent light. The infrared light cameras are also available in the market. LED flash gives brighter pics at night while the infrared give blurry pics. While the power consumption is less of infrared flash light.


The next point to check in a hunting camera is battery. There are usually three kind of batteries. An Alkaline 1.6 volts, Lithium 1.8 volts, NIMH 1.2 Volts. They differ in their properties of lifespan, recharging, price, temperature effects and the disposal. A camera may be able to last a month on a battery while the other may not last a week.

Resolution and picture quality

The picture and the megapixels also differ in cameras. A hunting camera may be somewhere in between 3 MP to 7 MP. It is useful to study this point as this may be important according to your interest but not essential. Cameras in between 5 MP to 7 MP are optimum.


Look for the memory of the camera. Check that whether it fulfills the demand. The memory of the camera will be helpful to you in the long run. You will have no need to buy an extra memory card.

Detection potential

The last and the most important one is the detection circuit which needs to be checked. It contain three important parts. Range, trigger speed and the recovery time. One needs to check all three aspects.

So read a bushnell trail camera review before moving for purchase according to your needs. This will lead to the best decision and a great camping trip.

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